Software Engineer


Desmos Studio is on a mission to help everyone learn math, love math, and grow with math. We do this by building a free suite of math tools that help people represent their ideas mathematically, connect different representations dynamically, and then conceive entirely new ideas. Our tools are now used by more than 75 million people around the world.

As a Public Benefit Corporation, we’re committed to keeping our core products freely available for individual use, not relying on external funding, never allowing 3rd party advertising, and never selling our users’ data. We’re able to stand behind those commitments on the back of being healthily profitable with a transparent business model: we license our software to other companies to incorporate into their products. 

Our engineering team builds elegant and flexible systems that can quickly respond to design and pedagogy demands. We are often tasked with coming up with creative solutions to get an interaction feeling just right. We empower our users and designers to create delightful and meaningful math experiences.

What you should show up ready to teach anyone on your first day:

  • How a healthy engineering culture and practices help build production quality software.

  • A 5-minute summary of any basic computer science topic.

  • Design decisions in a piece of code you wrote, including alternatives and trade offs you made.

  • How would you improve this piece of code?

What you’ll learn more about after you’re hired:

  • Our commitment to accessibility and how to keep accessibility in mind during the development process. 

  • Our approach to building software that works every time - scoping, design, architecture, code review, testing, automation, monitoring, etc.

  • Our annual art contest and how it motivates us and inspires us to build rich browser interactions. 

Within your first week, you’ll:

  • Introduce yourself on Slack to your new co-workers!

  • Learn about our process for writing, testing, and deploying code.

  • Ship your first piece of code to production! 

Within your first month, you’ll:

  • Familiarize yourself with Typescript and our in-house, front-end framework.

  • Complete your first user-facing feature in collaboration with other teams (design, business).

  • Start reviewing code from other engineers on the team, bringing your keen eye for pragmatic and elegant solutions to challenging problems. 

Within your first three months, you’ll:

  • Be the technical lead on your first major project, guiding it from design to implementation.

  • Participate in goal setting to help determine the direction of the company and our engineering priorities for the near future. 

  • Answer some support questions that actual users have about our products.

Within your first year, you’ll:

  • Get to know our users and better understand the role that Desmos plays inside and outside of the classroom.

  • Become the company’s expert on one or more areas of the code base. 

  • Help hire and onboard new members of the engineering team. 

  • Take a vacation to recharge. We do our best work when we’re happy and well-rested.

As part of the team, you’ll receive: 

  • Competitive compensation. Every full-time member of the team receives generous stock and salary compensation as well as a 401(k) match of up to 5% of annual salary.

  • Great benefits. We offer medical, vision, dental, short-term disability, long term disability, and life insurance. We also offer Medical and Dependent Care FSAs, a minimum of 30 days off (including 19 full-company holidays), and more!

  • Flexible hours. We’re a fully remote team, and everyone sets their own hours.

  • Work-life balance. We value results over hours and sustainable, long-term success over short-term wins.

  • Ownership and influence. As a member of a small team with few external stakeholders, each person here plays a major role in defining our policies, goals, culture, and benefits.

Learn more about our company! Does this sound like a role you could see yourself in? Submit an application which includes your resume and thoughts on why you’d like to work at Desmos Studio.